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Half Price Blackout Cute Baby Blue And Rose Red Polka Dot Curtains

[Tiebacks $9.99 free as gift] Online price includes curtains (2 panels)

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Each set of curtains contains two panels. If the size we provide for the set is 84 inches wide x 84 inches long, then each panel measures 42 inches wide x 84 inches long.

Generally, curtains need double drape, so as to present the perfect effect. Such as, Roman rod or track is 40 inches, then the curtains wide you need is 80 inches.Online price includes curtains (2 panels)

Features:blackout (black out 90% of sunlights)
pattern:polka dots
STYLE:cute,half price
fabric type:cotton,faux silk,toile
color:baby blue,rose red
care instruction:machine wash
Occasions:Bedroom,girls room,Living Room
To order a special length,please call us at 1(347) 688 7991,Toll-Free,24/7 or Live chat !

2. Curtain Width

  1. Size of all curtains can be customized.
  2. Generally, curtains need double drape, so as to present the perfect effect. Such as, Roman rod or track is 40 inches, then the curtains wide you need is 80 inches.
curtain width

If you have a pole, measure the distance between the finials (the decorative baubles at the end of a pole). See Picture left.

If you have a track, measure the total length of the track. See picture at left.

3. Curtain Length

Different constructions have different measuring methods.

roman rod with loops

For tab top or grommet (eyelet) curtains, measure the drop from the top of your pole to where you want your curtain to finish. (Please note tab top and grommet(eyelet) curtains cannot be fitted to a track)

pulley track

For pleated curtains, please measure the distance from the eye (where the curtain hook attached) to where you want your curtain to finish.

roman rod

For rod pockets, please measure the distance from the top of your pole to where you want your curtains to finish. If the curtain has a header (the part above the rod pocket), this is not included in the length of the curtain.

1. Top Construction

roman rod with loops

The picture shows as Roman rod with loops,which suits for hook type curtains.

pulley track

The picture presents as pulley track, which suits for hook type curtains.

roman rod

The picture is Roman rod, which is suitable for perforated curtains.

suitable roman rod

The picture is Rod pocket headings, which is suitable for roman rod.

tab top style

The picture is tab top style

2.How To Installation Top Construction

1.The Schematic of Grommet Top

Generally, the length of the grommet top curtain is twice or three times longer than decorative rod. Each meter has around six grommets. The specific number is connected with the specific size. If the floral is symmetrical, the distance between two floral patterns is important. Making grommets is our work and the one thing you need do is that put the decorative rod on.

2.The Schematic of Hook Top

1.Each hook needle matches a hole 2. Insert into the hole in turn 3. Nudging

4. Push lightly5. One complete6. Each hook inserted at the interval of 4 to 5 holes

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But if it is caused by size mistake measured by buyers, or personal dislike the style, color or other personal reasons, we are afraid that will not accept the demand of return goods.

Since you sign the goods within 30 days, will provide you return or exchange goods service, and will undertake the freight.

Please make sure the tags and packaging is unbroken, when you return the goods.

If the damage is caused by your personal reasons (such as size adjustment, washing, or long time using and so on), we will not accept return goods.

Please choose the common express when you return or exchange goods. Temporarily, we do not support freight collect, so if it is your first time, you can claim payment from And the reimbursement will be saved in the virtual trading of, you can enter in "my account" to check it.

Gift bags or goods in a suit can not be partially returned, because if so, when other buyers can not enjoy the discount when they purchase the rest goods in the bag or suit.

Pictures and information is only for your reference. The settings of your computer screen may alter the color of the pictures shown on .com. There maybe slight color mismatches between the color of your item and the color shown on screen. Please confirm with the real products.

Thank you for your support of, and will provide the best quality goods and service as always.

Many beautiful fabric with good decorative is affected by craft which looks relatively loose, thin or even transparent. Such fabric looks pretty but doesn’t have good blackout feature. recommended to add a lining with corresponding color which can not only achieve better blackout effect but also can make the decorative effect of curtain to be even more refined.

The blackout lining used A-level environmental physics sun cloth with more than 95% refractive index which can achieve complete blackout effect with original curtain material.

Blackout lining is sewn directly to the back of the curtain with fine workmanship to look totally natural.

As shown:

Blackout lining

blackout lining valance details of craft

Blackout lining side details of craft

Blackout lining tail details of craft

Comparison chart of curtains original effects and adding blackout lining effects:

Install Pull up valance

Valance track can be purchased to fix the pull up valance to achieve the valance fixed. Fix the velcro on one side of the valance track, then stitch to the other side of the valance, this is very easy to wash. Of course you can use other things to place the track only if you can fix the one side of the velcro, such as buy a valance track to fix the valance.

Install rod pocket valance

Usually rod pocket valance needs three rod pockets, each rod pocket is matched for curtain, valance and sheer ( only need 2 rod pockets if you don’t need sheer). Put the valance on the top or outermost end of the rod to block the heading part revealed.

Install pelmet valance

The pelmet valance has best effect which can direct use velcro, sewing one side to the valance head ( if you need the pelmet valance style, we will sew the velcro directly on the valance head).

then fix the other side to the pelmet with nailer or screw which can stick when install the valance. This method is simple and convenient for washing.

Velcro Style

Pictures Show

  • Half Price Blackout Cute Baby Blue And Rose Red Polka Dot Curtains
  • Half Price Blackout Cute Baby Blue And Rose Red Polka Dot Curtains
  • Half Price Blackout Cute Baby Blue And Rose Red Polka Dot Curtains

Customer Reviews:

  • 5 of 5 Stars
  • by Rosita
These are not designer curtains, rather they serve a purpose. Great at blocking sunlight and the street lamp outside my daughter's bedroom window. Looks better than shades. They don't "drape" really well but that's ok. They are also helpful on cold nights by blocking a bit of the chill from the windows.
  • 5 of 5 Stars
  • by Roma
I recieved the curtains in good time and they look really nice.
  • 5 of 5 Stars
  • by Ricarda
Looks the same as picture ,and its so nice.
  • 4 of 5 Stars
  • by Maud
I have received these drapes and they are awesome..
  • 5 of 5 Stars
  • by Leilani
These are wonderful. Really beautiful and great quality. Translucent enough to allow light, but opaque enough for complete privacy. Love the pattern, which is enough without being overwhelming, or dominating to our small room. We chose to do one panel per window, allowing them to lay flat against the window. (A lot of fabric is not our thing.) We were not charged any duty (
  • 5 of 5 Stars
  • by Laurel
We have now had our curtains fitted they are well made and delivery was excellent !

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